Encrypted Email

Encrypted Email

Secure Email Service

Encrypt Fortress Mail is end-to-end email encryption, protecting your message from outbox to inbox and back. Send an encrypted email from anywhere, to any recipient—no additional software or plug-ins required. Encrypt Fortress Mail Email and Data Encryption ensure that individuals and enterprises can communicate securely no matter which encryption platform they have. With the push of a button, Encrypt Fortress Mail makes intelligent decisions to encrypt messages using the best possible delivery method, such as S/MIME and PDF encryption. Encrypt Fortress Mail provides a completely secure but easy-to-use experience for encrypted email.

Traditional email is sent as plain text. That means the email is like a post card; anyone who can intercept the message can read the content. Today, companies and individuals realize that this is unacceptable. Email needs to be confidential and encrypted. Offering the best email encryption is the first step, but we understand that email encryption is only effective if used, and it is only used if it is easy. Encrypt Fortress Mail offers a combination of policy-based gateway and single-click encryption, designed to secure and control information sent internally and outside your organization.

Encrypt Fortress Mail also solves the problem with traditional Email headers (metadata) which reveal more about us than we may care to imagine. It reveals your exact location down to the neighborhood, street, and house number. In addition, headers reveal to whom you are sending emails, how often are they answered, and what servers you are using. All this info lies in metadata. Encrypt Fortress Mail, even while sending normal emails, automatically filters out personal info in the metadata that is leaked by traditional email clients.

Why Is Encryption Needed?

Although Federal Government monitoring is on everyone's mind right now, it's actually just the latest security disruption to produce news headlines. Corporate spying, employers reading personal emails, hackers, and identity thieves have and will be an ever-present concern. While trying to find a NSA proof email may not be your top goal (even though there are plenty instances of law enforcement intrusions being unable to break encryption), safeguarding your private email and data surely is. Encrypt Fortress Mail keeps your data safe from people looking to hijack your accounts, change passwords and log in as you. It additionally prevents those looking to steal financial data, or search your contacts looking for useful information about you, your friends, and family to use for spear-phishing attacks.

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  • Secure Access Anywhere - With secure mobile and desktop apps.
  • Privacy and Security First - Encryption technology, privacy policy, and Panama’s offshore protection.
  • Backup - Know your data is safe and secure offshore.
  • Share - Keep your team on track and your partners in the loop.
  • Collaborate - Making online collaboration private, secure, and simple.
  • Sync - Your files are up-to-date no matter when or where you access them.
  • Secure - Keep your files encrypted and offshore.


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