Offshore PCs

Encrypt Fortress® is proud to introduce our Offshore Remote PC Solution: The CloakedPC.

You no longer need to be concerned about the risk of your e-mails, documents, financial records, Internet surfing records, or other data being lost, stolen, discovered, or finding its way into the wrong hands.

Encrypt Fortress® is the creator of the CloakedPC the ultimate in data security and reliability. You can access your CloakedPC from virtually any computer in the world. The Microsoft Windows Operating System® enables you to access email, accounting, and other software programs as well as surf the Internet in the same way you would use your own desktop or laptop. The difference is all data, programs, and keystrokes actually take place offshore on your CloakedPC. Because your offshore PC is in our enterprise-class data center in the Republic of Panama, it is specifically protected by the Republic of Panama’s strict internet and privacy laws.

How It Works

Connect to your CloakedPC from virtually any computer worldwide. Use the Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) that comes already installed on Windows 98® operating systems and later versions, another RDP, or our provided web-based control panel.

  • Simply type in your personal CloakedPC IP address, username, and password to start the encrypted connection.
  • You use the remote desktop as you would use your own computer. Check and compose emails, work on financial records or other software programs.
  • The remote desktop window can be resized and minimized to allow you to work simultaneously on your personal PC and your offshore PC and keep all sensitive information on your CloakedPC and off of your personal PC.
  • The CloakedPC is only $189/month

Web Services

Multi-Server Experts

Custom configured load balanced, private network and database cluster configuration available.

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Additional Information

    CloakedPC System Requirements

    Encrypt Fortress® strongly recommends the use of high-speed Internet access such as a cable or a satellite ISP connection. A dial-up 56k modem ISP access can be used, but the results will be noticeably slower when working on your CloakedPC. Connection to your CloakedPC requires remote desktop connection software already installed on Windows 98 operating system and later versions, other RDP, or the use of our provided web-based control panel.

    It's no one's business what you do online. Protect your data, activities, and your identity with CloakedPC.

CloakedPC Features
  • Full Admin Access
  • Anti-Virus
  • Windows OS
  • Microsoft Office Panel
  • Cisco Firewall
  • Cisco Intrusion Protection
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Dedicated IP
  • Self-Managed Backup
  • Reboot from Remote
  • Admin Virtuozzo Control