Our co-location services enable our clients to use dedicated space in Encrypt Fortress'® enterprise-class data center in the Republic of Panama. Individually, clients would have to purchase every piece of equipment from the ground up, but with co-location, clients are able to pay for only the equipment they need and send it to us to be housed in our data center. The data center is specifically designed to house mission-critical systems with the EverON™ Network and the highest level of security.

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Call on our experienced representatives for a true cost analyst of co-location vs dedicated servers. Encrypt Fortress® specializes in large multi-server setups, load balancing, private networks, and database cluster configurations as well as co-location. After comparing initial capital expenses, shipping, duties, taxes, and initial setup costs, most projects are found to be better suited as a dedicated server project.

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Custom configured load balanced, private network and database cluster configuration available.

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