Why Us

Why Encrypt Fortress?

Companies mine your data to sell for a huge profit. Government agencies quietly watch your communications. Your competitors want to snatch your business secrets. And hackers cannot wait to infiltrate any chink they can find in your company's armor.

Not if we have anything to say about it.

Take Back Your Privacy

Encrypt Fortress' has spent over 10 years making your privacy our number one priority. Working with your peace of mind in mind, our full range of encrypted services protects your email, instant messaging, video calls, voice-over-IP calls, and cloud storage. In addition, we offer full remote PC access for the ultimate in cloaked browsing and communication.

Our servers have extensive backup measures to guarantee you will have 24/7 access and customer support, meaning you will never miss a second of protection. Plus, with our “No Knowledge” policy, we will never have access to any of your emails, messages, or chat logs—meaning the only people who will ever see them are you and your recipient.

Why Panama?

Both our company and our servers are located in Panama, a country specifically chosen for its top-notch respect for privacy and internet security. Panama lies outside the reach of the “Five Eyes” of Canada, the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand—as well as nations in their sphere of influence—meaning we are bound only by the laws of Panama. Besides its stellar record upholding communications and internet privacy, Panama boasts the most advanced cellular, telephone, fax, and internet communications infrastructure in all of Central and South America.

Take Back Your Security and Privacy
To sum it all up, Panama is really the only
choice for safeguarding your private
We take your privacy seriously.
Isn't it time for you to do the same?


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