Encrypted Calling

Encrypted Calling

Secure Offshore Hosted VoIP Phone System

You should be able to trust in the security of your business calls to keep your company’s and clients’ information confidential. That's why we offer Encrypt Fortress Call with enterprise-grade, hosted, full-featured PBX and encrypted calling to businesses and individuals. Quickly becoming the standard for worldwide encrypted communications, Encrypt Fortress Call is set apart by a security-first platform. We take secure and encrypted communication seriously. With nearly a decade invested in R&D, Encrypt Fortress® is an expert in secure VoIP technology, and we are the recognized authority in secure phone systems.

From its very inception, our platform has delivered secure communications across various locations and devices. By design, Encrypt Fortress Call allows businesses to integrate the platform with their existing systems, as well as our other encrypted applications. With its purpose-built architecture, Encrypt Fortress Call serves the enterprise market by delivering the most secure, reliable, and powerful encrypted, hosted communication services available.

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  • Encrypt Fortress Call Number Private 5 - Digit number for end-to-end encrypted calling all Encrypt Fortress Call members.
  • Offshore Location - Protected by the Republic of Panama’s privacy and data security laws.
  • International and Toll Free Numbers - Available in over 60 countries. With 400 international city prefixes and over 7,000 prefixes across the USA and Canada.
  • Works across All Your Locations - Perfect for managing multiple office locations or remote employees.
  • Mobile and Tablete - Communicate via Smartphone, or Tablet
  • Virtual Receptionist - Answering rules, such as greetings, departments, hours of operations, voicemail, and much more.
  • Conference Rooms - Conference calling rooms for up to 500 participants.


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